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HOUND - Transform Short Flash Transformers Series


Check out this cool flash animation by YouTube user Osro, showing Movie Autobot hound transforming, fighting, kicking ass and taking names!


Other movie Transformers by this user done by flash animation include: Devastator, Optimus Prime. Bumblebee, Sentinel Prime and Megatron (DOTM) and many more!

Do not grieve, soon we will be one with the Matrix..

Okay, so maybe a little overly dramatic, but as you may or may not know; totaltfs.com is leaving it's host due to financial reasons. This will take place in about a month & weeks ttime from today - Saturday, 24th June, and means updates on the dite will be little to none until after the move.


I Still have no idea how smoothly this will transistion, or what the new site will look like/entail but please be patient with us during this time. Thank-you.

The Future of Transformer games/gaming?

With the release of Transformers - Forged To Fight can the Transformers survive in the world of gaming?


With the exception of Devastation (Despite it's difficulty!), the Transformers have not had a good game since High Moon's War For Cybertron and Fall Of Cybertron. Movie games have been poor run-around fight/shoot-em-up games, we've had FAILED MMO's and the latest offerings look to amount to more than little than a Street Fighter/Tekken Beat-Em-Up. Fun for kids and die-hard fans, but when are we going to get another game with such depth, stratergy and fun, as the High Moon Games? Is the future of Transformers gaming a commodity that can really last?

Who is the most over-used Transformers character? Click here to take the poll!

The Transformers Band covers Power Rangers Theme Tube

Love or hate then fact that there's a new Power Rangers Movie coming out, our favourite Robots welcome them with a cover of their old theme tune. Or at least, The Transformers band.


The band combine cosplay with covers of song from the Transformers Animated Movie in 1986 and give their own unique spin on the Might Morphin Poer Rangers old theme tune! The band themselves have also been active on YouTube since 2013! What will they possibly cover next?


Leave your thoughts and comments below!

Looking Beyond Transformers - Large TF (Marvel esq) Universe?

As the fifth movie installment of the franchise is about to hit our screens in June, is there life beyond them? Hasbro things so and would like to explore the universe to something comparable to that of The Marvel Universe. In a recent LA Times article, Hasbro Studios has moved into sleek new offices devoted to animation and toy prototypes.


They are also looking to re-juvinate the G.I. Joe franchise post movies with possible future franchises like Micronauts, Visionaries and M.A.S.K. Read the full interview here at the LA times and leave us your thoughts and comments below!

Optimus Prime Issue #2 Preview

Happy New Year!!

We'd like to wish all our followers and TF fans around the world a very happy and prosperous new year, let's forget about last year and move on, move forward!


Although our Transformers Message board is now more, we'd like to thanbks all the members past and present who joined and contrbuted to the forum and made it feel like a family community. We can continue to do this with our official Facebook fanpage and by showing your support for the site and for the Transformers franchise.


Best Wishes,


Peter Stoneham (Aka Hoist your totaltfs site owner.).

Rescue Bots - Roll to the Exit?

The popular Transformer series for pre-schoolers that has found much fandom among the older fans, confirms that the fourth season may well and truley be the last. D.C. Douglas (The voice of Chase on the show) has tweeted the cast and crew wrap party and possibly series after 100 episodes unless the Discovery Family Channel picks it up. Already some small fan-operated campaigns to keep it going!


As an older fan who has recently embraced it and found it more entertaining than RID, introducing it to pre-school ages, there is something utterlly endearing about the show, it doesn't seem to try-hard and is incredibly sweet! So make your voice heard itf you want to keep the series going!


Would you like to see Rescue Bots continue?

Who ARE the Renegades?


During the 14 year lifespan of our message board and contuing through via this website, The Renegades have been our third fictional roleplay faction since 2002.


Who are they though? What are they about and why do they call themselves neither Autobots or Decepticons?


Click the faction symbol below to find out more, or click the "Renegdes" link in out main menu!



What are your thoughts on the series 10, now we await the Christmas special? Let us know on our Face book Page!

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Hoist's Workshop

So, I've been playing Minecraft for 6 years+ and thought I'd try something cretive - in creative mode. I've tried making Hoist's head bhut it's a work in progress and strill not finished. The eyes look a bit like a chibi, but this was all done by hand, no programs used. See what you think of it below. Should I do more heads?


In memory of Scott Sanders, our most beloved member (Omega/Autobotsdie). R.I.P. November 15, 1977 - August 3rd 2016.