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A very special and important mention, Ravage18 was from the TF site and community The Axalon( and brought our original rp rules over here to TTF and and re-designed them exclusively for our forum. Before Jazz took over we will always have a huge debt of honor to repay Ravage18 on creating a set of rp rules exclusively for us here and becoming the founder.


Wherever he is know we hoe that he is well and in good health and thank him for his life-time contribution to Total Transformers Message Board.

I've always credited Moffy for making us popular as he was also from The Axalon where Ravage18 also originated from.


I (Hoist) was a member there and just had a link to our site here - still in it's infancy when he saw it and I guess he liked what he saw, and brought a shed load over from that forum - as well as himself, Ravage18, Sharpshot and his brother Banshee and many others all of which had a HUGE part of our first Renegade Rp.