Lay Of The Land

One of the major things that has shaped our Renegade universe are are the roleplay series in which our fictional third faction is set. Started at another Transformers roleplay forum, the Renegades really rook of when we took our faction to our own board, and begun our roleplay adventures there. Although it started in real life because of a dispute with the then admin of the other board, we soon began establishing a proper background canon for our faction, a history as something fun turned into a proper, serious fan-faction idea. Set 300 years after the Beast Wars, we have mixed our on universe with a bit of TF canon. Things have come a long way though since a dying Optimus Prime passed to the Matrix to the the future Renegade leader who would re-format his Maximals into more powerful Renegades..

A lot has changed on Cybertron as well, the first Renegade war came and went, a new age of peace came about and the Reneagdes dissapeared from Cybertron and the history files. Until the leader of Omega City was buying up parts of Cybertron all over the place. A new team of Autobots, a Special operations team were sent dispatch and deal with Atlas, this team are the new next generation of Renegades! After Eons of peace a new war is brewing across New Cybertron:






























The Trinity of Primus [The Allspark, Vector Sigma, The Matrix]

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