So who ARE the Renegades?


The Renegade Autobots, as they were, were Autobots who were fed up with the current state of affairs. They don't like the leadership or the tactics from the Autobots on how they should fight the enemy. A Renegade goes against the tradition and what an Autobot believes is the way to fight and win a war against the Decepticons. They will use any means possible, they will fight dirty and break the rules. They deliver justice swiftly and are feared by the Decepticons more so then any force the Autobots have. However They don't side with the Autobots.


So we don't like Decepticons. And we ain't to happy with the Autobots, well both sides don't show us much love either (hehe).


Now, the following applies to two things. Our fanfic R.A.W. (The Renegade Autobot War) And how we got things started in real life. It all began at a Transformers message board where member HeavyAssault, while in a friendly banter against Optimus Prime, cried out the words 'Renegade Autobots!'. From there it started. The truth is, back in the day Jazz, Heavy and myself (Hoist) all joined this board, and it was an ordinary TF board. The "then" admin - Optimus Prime wanted to move us to a different message board. To a different provider? Oh no, still with the same one, he was moving us because basically he didn't know how to change the look of the board. Everything would have been fine until one day the "then" admin deleted all the content. All the boards - all the threads, all the banter built up over time between the members, all of it - gone. Deleted forever. Ready for the move. I'd say just about every member was pissed at the admin for doing this and then refused to move. As in the past there had been lots of fun banter between members with threads like threads like: "For the love of God!!! Autobots attack!!! " and "By The Matrix, DECEPTICONS ATTACKING!!!", so as all these had all been deleted forever, we as members rebelled against the admin, Optimus Prime. Rebelling against the move. Due to his name sake it was in the Rebellion thread that Heavy said something to the words of "Renegades Autobots!" or something like that. The current admin left for his new board, same host provider, and not many followed him; those that did didn't stay long. Instead, staying at the old board. Member Blot/Sunstreaker took over the old board and decided to re-vamp the derelict message board into a Transformers RP message board.


As it was Heavy who came up with the term "Renegades" the idea was then put forward to create a third fictional faction on this re-formatted Transformers RP board. "Renegade Autobots", in mirror to the real-life happenings on the board recently. I was the next to join this adventure, followed by Jazz. Over time what became an utter from HeavyAssault turned into a real-life living, breathing idea, a third fictional Transformers faction. We kept ourselves to ourselves, recruiting and not giving either the Autobot Or Decepticons any info as to what we were up to. Being sneaky, scheming planning, working together. Something the Autobot faction couldn't do without arguing who would be leader, and the Decepticon team - well, just arguing among themselves. We stuck together, secretly planned and carried out our plans and attacks, on both sides, if the Autobots got in the way and successfully succeeded where the other rp factions - didn't. Then then RPG at the board (Transformers: Civil War) really began to heat up, the Renegades kept to themselves and plotted. No one knew who's side we were on. We secretly worked with different partys and managed to spy on every single faction while our home base remained secure. We left quite a mark on the people there.


Now we've been around for 13 years and we have our own website which for us is a fun way for us to show the world who we are. Its basicly a site for our art, fanfics and our RPG characters. As well we have our own Message board: 'Total Transformers', where our fictional rp stories continue.. We have always been about creativity and friendship, and are always happy to accept in our ranks new members to the board. Renegade or other wise. Hope this helps you out in better understanding us and where were coming from.



When or in what time, are your Renegades?

Our origins very much tie in with G1 (Generation One), not just using canon periods of time and events but also canon characters as well. We like to think of it as Intermixixing our own time-line with that in, around and including G1. Focal points include the re-birth of Optimus Prime and the 1986 movie and after especially with Rodimus Prime in command on Cybertron. During the Beast Wars, "The Great Shutdown" and Generation 2, the disillusioned Renegades whent exploring the galaxy, especially because they were seen as traitors/defectors, there was a price on their head via Rodimus Prime, and vowed to stop the Decepticons even if the Autobots got in the way, so they weren't popular. When the Renegades returned to Cybertron, there was no specific "Time" we returned, we like to think of being in our own universe/time-line now, having used previous continuities merely as back-drop to our own story.



I've read your "History", aren't they just wanna be Decepticons?

Haha, no. If you think that then you don't get us at all. We get that alot and hear it often. If they were Decepticons they wouldn't be trying to liberate Cybertron (And themselves), now would they? Renegades deliver justice that the Autobots are too afraid, or too bound by "protocol" and "Procedures" that Autobot law that restrict them.



Enjoy visiting the rest of the site. TAAR!*

*Till all are Renegades