A big thank-you should always go to Blot/Sunstreaker from the Transformers: Civil War Message Board who allowed us to develop our RENEGADES idea at his roleplay board after it got nuked by ut;s previous owner as a To To Blot / Sunstreaker -Transformers discussion board. What started out as an aside - "Renegade Autobots! " from HeavyAssault against the previous admin for nuking the forum of all it's content, banter and content on the message board, a rebellion against that admin who wanted to move the board after deleteing everything, became something more. An idea, a thought turned into a physical working idea about a possible third faction between the Autobots and Decepticons. Although we've developed this over 10 years to an actual unooficial physical thing, it goes without saying that without the [then] new owner - Blot/Sunstreaker, we would never have had the oppotunity to develop this idea. Thank-you for allowing us to do this on your board, and giving us the dream to reacher higher. We'll forever be in your bedt and you'll always be an honoury RENEGADE.

To the previous admin of Transformers Civil War as The Ultimate Transformers Board, before Blot/Sunstreaker- Thanks! Thanks for being a douche and nuking the old message board, raping it of it's content and deleteing everything, all the fun threads, all the banter and camaraderie that was built over a year. If you hadn't screwed up and been such a n00b the RENEGADES would never had been born! The idea would have never came about from real-life to across the internet as an unofficial working third Transformers faction!

To Jazz / Laytrx7 - My right hand-man both in the RENEGADES and on our Total Transformers Message Board as Co-Admin, for getting behind Heavy and me and joining us as one of the FOUNDERS of the RENEGADES, and for helping design and shape the RENEGADES both literally, aesthetically, and mentally in thought, mind and fan-fic, in creative ideas and helping shaped the way the RENEGADES became, and how they fought, especially in terms of developing Total Transformers Roleplay System.

To HeavyAssault - for first coming up with the ideas of the Renegades in the first place! Mudduck! BIMP!

Special thanks to Ravage18 - Not forgotten. Thank-you for bringing the original roleplay rules over to Total Transformers Message Board, made exclusively for us, and kickstarting how we would roleplay our characters.

Other thanks to: Transformers @ The Moon. The Axalon, and all the others that made up both Renegades, Decepticons, Destructicons and other Autobots who fought, helper, were apart of or associaiated with the RENEGADES at Total Transformers Message Board.



Art Credits:

Renegade avatar profiles - Chain of Command and Renegeade Tech Spec backgrounds, by TTF's Jazz.

Renegade faction: Designed by TTF's Hoist (Me.)







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Transformers @ The Moon - A long-running favourite site many of our members have enjoyed.