Eject: Welcome back to the Undergound News Network! I'm Eject!

Rewind: and I'm Rewind...



Eject: Hey Rewind, what's with all the dead Autobots and kerfuffle at Grimstone Prison?

Rewind: Ya got me Eject, maybe it was something in the food!

Eject: Well whatever it was there's a whole lot of scrap going down right now!

Rewind: A bit like the last time our bosses refused to give you that pay rise!

Eject: Hey, you said you wouldn't ever mention that on air!


Rewind: We'll bring more on this late breaking news as it happens!



Thousands of Autobots - DEAD

It has been reported today, that hundred, maybe even thousands of Autobots lie dead at Grimstone Prison. Whilst it's unclear what exactly has been going on, turbocopters in the area have reported multiple sniper within the fortifications. In a desperate respomnse to keep things under control The Renegades, following the events at Omega City; have made their reappearance after years of dissapearing from Cybertron. Some of the most recognized names know to Autobot security in the Renegades however are not present, prompting speculation perhaps of a newer generation of the Renegade faction?


More on this late breaking news will follow.



Lights out in Omega City!


Cybertron return to the brink of war, following an investigation into land all across Cybertron being brought up there now has been a fierce battle within the confines of Omega City. Whilst it is not clear of the causes King Atlas and his accomplicises have been named targets and reports of titan sized, and heavily modified sentinels have been used to protect the city from specialist Autobot forces.


The conflict follows wide-spread choas in the city after a known aquaintence of King Atlas was chased down through the market place to a neaby construction site where a newly constructed building in the works was taken out by explosives in what was believed to be a controlled explosion. Hours later traffic signals were interrupted and stopped causing mass panic and extensive transport problems ncluding shippping and transportation for King Atlas' many buisnesses.


The War Is Over, But The battle has just begun..

With the Omega City liberated, and it's leader Atlas and Neuroblade dead, the Renegades have time to reflect, especially with their honoured dead. A friend, and comrade, Incendius was killed in the struggle and as heavily trained as the Reneagdes are, a loss is still a loss. To none more so than Computic. As much as it is a time for sorrow however, the Renegades must not let their guard down, although the battle is won, the war is not yet over, somehow, somewhere there is always conflict. As long as evil itsellf exists, there will alwars be war on Cybertron..


Atlas, Leader of The Omega City - Dead.

The mighty Atlas, leader of the Omega City was killed today by the hands of his own henchman. CNN (Cybetron News Network) believes the fellow Decepticon Neuroblade was responsible after Atlas betrayed his kind and told of the mysterious "Union". On hand were a number of Renegades who later gathered to say their final fearewells to their fallen comrade, Incendius. Eye witness accounts tell of an explosion of the building where Neuroblade seeked to escape from the Renegades, It's not clear yet what has happenned. as the drama unfolded another Renegade in the making, thought to be the one called Phantasmis accordding to the CSN (Cybertron Surveillance Network), fled the scene persued by a number of Renegade flyers. No bot from the Renegade command was available for comment yesterday from Unicron's Head.

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