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About: The Site Owner

Greetings fellow Transformer fans and thank-you for stopping by my site.


Starting Out

I became hugely interested interested in Transformers from the age of 8 back in 1984, an 80's cartoon a, toy and comic series that captured every boy of that era's imagination across the globe. It first started with the Generation 1 cartoons back in the mid eighties, even though it was a Saturday - I would get up religiously early to watc them on Saturday morning kid's T.V. I think they were on about 7:30am , but they were on a UK kid's morning TV show called The Wide Awake Club, a hosted show of crazy fun. (Like Wack-A-Day!) I already had a fasicnation with dinosaurs (With a small collection of plastic ones!) so giant waring robots were instantly appealing. Especially when I came across the Dinobots! More on that shortly. The cartoon lead to the comics and the toys naturally, especially the comics,, so much so I had them delivered from my newsagents every Saturday. Naturally I would want the toys but being a single parent my family couldn't really afford much, so I was left with mostly Minibots. Oh but my friend had all the cool ones - Megatron, the seekers, ones I could only dream of, and his neighbour had Optimus Prime. I had the minibots. One Christmas or birthday, think it was the former my stranged father (My parents divorced when I was 5/6years old.) brought me my first proper sized Transformer - yes, it was of course Hoist. Whilst I had no attatchment to the character, formed a emotional attactchment to the toy after all those minibots. I still remember sitting behind the couch applying the stickers and playing. He wasn't and isn't my favourite character of all time though, oh no that goes to our beloved Dinobot Grimlock. The dinosaur factor again. Wether comic or cartooon, he remains to this day my favourite Transformer of all time. I only ever got one other sized transformer and that was Twintwist.


Leaving TFs behind//Resurgence

As I went to senior school I switched from Transformer comics to cult UK comic 2000AD, and although the love never left, buried deep somewhere, it did take a very, very long holiday for many, many years. I think I briefly saw a Beast Wars episode when older, but rejected it because of the animal thing. (Though I would go on to fall in love withit as an older adult.) Whilst at college I did see a G2 comic but I wasn't aware of the US run, so I had the UK's own printed story for the particular issue I brought. I was not impressed, The art was abysmal, the story sketchy. I lost hope. In 2001/2002 and getting connected to the Internet, I found various TF websites & forums where I read old comics for hours on end; returning to my childhood love, after a gap during the G2/Beast Wars Beast Machines years. For many years during my late/end of teens I had dreamed about Transformers again, mainly the comic, holding the issues, what it was like, dreaming of finding back copies in newsagents being sold off cheaply. Thank heavens for the Internet! I first got online in 2001 and immediatly began looking for websites with online scan of the UK comics. I found that site. After reading for hours and hours till the early hours of the morning I eventually joined the message board - my first ever Internet forum. I engaed in a free-for-all roleplay, made friends with like-minded TF fans and really got back into the Transformers. Around this time I was also curious as to what TF toys - if any were around. One day In a neighbouring town I popped into Woolworths and saw the R.I.D. spychangers. Pretty soon my addiction would return buying up the two-packs with the likes of W.A.R.S.., REV and Eagle Eye. My "First" big Transformer now as an adult collector would be R.I.D. Megatron.


Message Boards

A year later, having met many new great TF friends & fans it was inevitable I would start my own message board, it was a dream. Almost eleven years later and we're still going strong - about to celebrate our 11th anniversary on 26th August 2013.At various Transformers boards I had learned to role-play, (RP or RPG's), here I met a whole new array of fans and learned how to extend my own creativity in helping participate in interactive role playing (something prominent in my own forum over the many years). It was here that a good friend of mine, "HeavyAssault" as his handle ,created a new faction called The Renegades. It's a long story (Explained Here), but in short, a third rival faction in the RPG to the Autobots and Decepticons. He, myself and one other named Latyrx7, made them very popular and what started as fictional faction soon became a serious adventure for us, uniting the three of us as friends, online work colleagues, and as a second family. The Renegades became our serious, full time realisation on the net, taking on Autobots and Decepticons in forum RPG's at our forum, with a complete history and universe behind us. After 14 years later having celebrated our anniversary on 26th August 2016, the message board will sadly be closing on January 1st 2017. Having run my forum for fourteen years at the time, It no longer feels relevant in today's social media world and sadly just does not get the use any more.

This site is a dedication to our community, the heart of Total Transformers. Comissioned in August 2008, we launched - not as a major Transformers information site, but as an independant. A site for the members, and featuring their input. There are so many commercial Transformers sites out there, that it's a hard market to corner when it's all been done already. So we have opted for a more personal site dedicated to our message board and it's wonderful members.

So sit back, take a pew, and feel free to look around. I hope you enjoy the site!

Thanks for reading.

Hoist (aka Peter Stoneham)

About Us:

Although totaltfs.com has only been running for over seven years, we started of as a message board, a commuity. For the past 14 years Total Transformers Message Community has been offering high quality discussion about your favourite Transformers toys, comics, cartoons, films and Transformers roleplay. Whilst we've never tried to be like one of these big "Corporate" TF fan-sites, (That market is already well catered for and cornered), we do try and offer the latest TF news. The site is mainly a site showcasing our message board but also has information about our long established board. As well as links to our Message Board, there's also the chatroom for which members have a chat most Friday nights (Depending on who can be around).




Totaltfs.com is also home to The Renegades. Who you say? The Renegades are our third fictional faction that started up at another

Transformers RPG forum, Ex-Autobots who were framed by a clone

of Optimus Prime (Built by Megatron to infiltrate the Autobot command

structure and Intel.) for war crimes and decided to take the war into our own hands seeking Justice. We fought our own way doing what Autobots fear to do, keeping to ourselves underground on Cybertron and taking it to both the Autobots and Decepticons who we both fight. Both Factions feared us as we keep a tactical & tight army, not knowing whether to trust us, not knowing where we would strike as we kept it together whilst the other factions cracked with lack of unity. For the full story, take a look at our Renegade website:


Whilst we're still a relativly new site, still in our infancy, we are constantly still trying to get our name out there. As indicated near the top of the page, you can find us on Facebook, (Give us a like if you love Transformers!), Twitter and also on Google+ We rely on word of mouth however, or word of the Internet, so If you are just stopping by or randomly found this place and know some other TF fans that you think may like the site, be sure to let them know about us!

Please feel free to have a look around!

About: Our Community (CLOSED as of 1st Jan 2017)

The community, has welcomed new and old skool fans of the Transformers franschise, no matter when you started taking an interest. With an age range from between 14 years, the forum's starting age, to the 50's and 60's, we have primarily been a discussion forum but have a great roleplay and interactive stories section as well. We are heavily interested in the fandom and commited with keeping our forum active for users. On most Fridays we have an official chat night which can be found by going to the "Chat" section here. (To be re-instated Jan 2017.) Occasionally Saturdays if Friday is not conveinient. All chats dependant on when people are available.

At this time we have still probably been the longest running Transformers community on ProBoards.


One of our best sections has been our long running Vector Sigma forum, where you can create your own custom transformer characters using out old RP guide, whether they be for a fight in the Battle SIMM, or not - or just for fun! We have been a highly creative bunch at Total Transformers! There's also beem areas for your fan-fics and artwork. Fom 2002 - summer 2016 we have had dozens of sucessful roleplay stories as well. Although we no longer offer this, you can still read our past ones in the Roleplay Archive as well as our past Interactive Stories than ran for a couple of years but no longer run.

Although the message board has now closed for good, we would still love to hear your thoughts on the Transformers as well, the toys, when you got started, favourite series or character. You can still let us know via let us know via our website's Facebook page!



(Site Owner - Total Transformers/totaltfs.com)